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Dear Conservation Colleagues:

First, all the best for the New Year! There is much to look forward to in the conservation realm as we continue our efforts for bird habitat conservation. To start off 2014 I wanted to let you know that the U.S. and Canada Management Board has unanimously adopted a first time Vision and revised our Mission statement.

A lot has changed over the 22 years since the PCJV was established. Originally, its primary mission was to partner with established and fledgling conservation organizations to assist in NAWCA grant development and aggregate conservation metrics. Today, our partners are more experienced and sophisticated, and what was once a novel approach to collaboration has become standard practice. Looking to the horizon, where human development and climate change continue to threaten conservation efforts across the region, the PCJV is recalibrating its approach to supporting a wider-range of partner needs while meeting regional bird population objectives.

New PCJV Vision
"A Pacific Region United for Bird Habitat Conservation. By working together, we will ensure wild birds thrive in abundant and diverse habitats that we all help safeguard for future generations."

Revised PCJV Mission
"To create the ideal environment for bird habitat conservation."

A series of partner meetings will be conducted in all the PCJV states this spring and partner input will help us further define and prioritize our core services. And I think it is most important to remember that within the vast geographic realm of the PCJV, services and priorities may differ from region to region. We will be seeking input on how we build capacity to further foster collaboration, connect partners to needed resources, promote strategic, science-based planning and remove barriers to conservation.

Again all the best in 2014 and I am excited to share our continuing work to enhance the PCJV and continue our important mission supporting conservation efforts.


Bradley Bales
U.S. Coordinator Pacific Coast Joint Venture

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